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Root or Muladhara

The 1st Chakra:  is located in our body at the base of the spine.

Physically affects : The Root Chakra affects Sight, genitals and bone marrow.  

What it does : It gives KARANA SHAKTI, the Power of Action, Work, Motivation, Transformation, Valour, Fortitude and Controls Anger. 

Main aspects : The main aspect is Innocence, by which we experience pure, childlike joy. Additionally, it gives us tremendous sense of direction and purpose in life. This sense sometimes get clouded with our busy lifestyles. 

Signs of Imbalance:  Root Chakra Imbalance potentially brings unwanted feelings of Lethargy, Possessiveness, Fearfulness and Insecurity. Meanwhile, on the physical level it can mean Constipation, Obesity, Brittle nails and Problem with bones.

Balanced Chakras mean better life enjoyment
Balanced Chakras mean better life enjoyment

Sacral or Svadhisthana

The 2nd Chakra : is located at the spleen in our body and controls sex organs.

Physically affects : The Sacral Chakra affects taste, the tongue and blood.  

What it does : It gives SHARANA SHAKTI, the Power of refuge, surrender, peace and delight.

Main aspects : This is the Chakra of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge. It connects us to the inner source of inspiration and enables us to experience the beauty around us. 

Signs of Imbalance: Sacral Chakra Imbalance means the centre gets drained of energy and as a result, diseases like diabetes or blood cancer can occur.  Additional unwanted disorders mean impotence, infertility, unconfident and feelings of being unworthy. On the Physical level, it brings hypersensitivity, Kidney and bladder problems.

Solar Plexus or Manipura

The 3rd Chakra : is the Solar Plexus near the heart and liver.

Physically affects : The Solar Plexus Chakra affects our liver which is the organ of our attention and power of concentration.

What it does : Manipura, also known as NABHI, is the one that gives us the sense of generosity, complete satisfaction and contentment. 

Main aspects : Clearing this Chakra can relieve stress and tensions. Additionally, it can also allow you to become your own Guru. In turn, helping you get rid of all habits or everything that enslaves you in a way or another. 

Signs of Imbalance: Solar Plexus Imbalance means little to no control over emotions therefore, brings short temper and feelings of judgment.  Similarly, on the physical level it can bring workaholic and digestive disorders.

Heart or Anahata

The 4th Chakra : is the Heart, central channel of the spine, also near the heart

Physically affects : The Heart Chakra affects touch (sense) and actions, it is also associated with the skin and hands.

What it does : The Heart Chakra helps to give and healthily receive love. It also aids in dealing with the loss of a loved one, betrayal and breakups.

Main aspects : This vital Chakra in the energy body stands for love, compassion, forgiveness, sympathy, self-acceptance, etc.  

Signs of imbalance: The heart Chakra imbalance brings feelings of anger, selfishness and, jealousy. In addition, on the physical level it can bring lungs problems and shoulder or arms disorders.

Throat or Vishuddha

The 5th Chakra : is located at the throat region, near the spine.

Physically affects : The Throat Chakra affects taste, lymph glands, ears and thyroid gland.  

What it does : It gives KAMA SHAKTI, the power of love, delight, contentment and fulfillment.  It also brings out our passion.

Main aspects : This is the Chakra of diplomacy. Also pure relationships with others and of playful detachment.  When it is opened by the Kundalini, it can vanish all our sorrow.  Furthermore, when this Chakra is awakened, it can remove unwanted tendencies.  For example, the tendencies to dominate others / feel dominated or the feelings of superiority / inferiority and all jealousies. 

Signs of imbalance: The Throat Chakra imbalance brings poor communication, potential stuttering, over-talkative and shyness. Most importantly, on the physical level it can mean sore throats, stiff neck and shoulders.

Third Eye or Ajna

The 6th Chakra : is also known as the Third Eye is located between eye brow centers. 

Physically affects : The Third Eye Chakra it is the pituitary gland.  It affects sound, ears and fat.  

What it does : It gives STARANA SHAKTI, the power of expanding, unfolding, blossoming and evolving.

Main aspects : Ajna is the Chakra of forgiveness and compassion. To let go of anger, hatred and resentment as well as the power to discover. The nobility and generosity of the spirit comes from this Chakra when it is invoked.  It is also the one that dissolves all our false ego, conditionings, habits and false ideas of racialism as well as our false identifications. 

Signs of Imbalance: The Third Eye chakra imbalance brings disorders in eyes and brain, hormonal problems and lymphatic diseases. Meanwhile, on the physical level, it can mean lack of memory and concentration, insomnia and headaches.
Additionally, watching impure things or activities and self-centredness can damage the progress towards final destination.

Crown or Sahasrara

The 7th Chakra : is also known as Crown is situated at the top of head of our bodies.  It controls our pineal gland and voice.  

Physically affects : The Crown Chakra affects smell, nose and flesh.

What it does : It gives VACHANA SHAKTI, desire, the power of articulation, calling, guiding and teaching. 

Main aspects : The 7th Chakra gives us the direct, absolute perception of reality of the super soul. This is the last milestone of the evolution of human awareness by integrating all the Chakras with their respective qualities. 

*At present, you are at a level which corresponds to this Chakra and your conscious is able to enter into this new realm of perception, which is beyond our limited mind and concepts. 

Signs of Imbalance: The Crown Chakra imbalance brings inordinate attachments, anxiety, egocentrism, lack of motivation. Moreover, on the physical level signs of headaches, depressions, overthinking, spiritual darkness, etc.

Are your Chakras

 Balanced, Under Active or Over Active ?