Best ways to boost your immune system

5 best ways to boost your immune system naturally

Here are 5 natural ingredients I use weekly to boost my immune system ! If you like this blog and would like to know more, a good place to start is with the Lost Book of Remedies. Dr. Nicole Apelian, a 2 time contestant on the TV show Alone, explains how she manages her MS with natural herbs and plants!

Lost Book of Remedies with Dr. Nicole Apelian

First of all, I want to state that I am not in any way, shape or form trying to suggest replacing prescription medicine with these natural ingredients. This site promotes balance in all activities, so keep moderation in mind if you decide to use any of these ingredients in your diet! These ingredients might be available at your local herbalist shop, where you can consult with someone regarding your objectives.

1. Boost your system with echinacea

Echinacea to boost immune
system, more here
I personally use it in tea 🙂

Echinacea is an active ingredient in cold medicines. You can use dried echinacea in your tea, especially when feeling healthy!
Why ? Because echinacea is also a potent lymphagogue, which increases the formation and flow of lymph. Blood has the heart which helps is promote flow, however there are no vital organs to promote the flow of lymph fluid.

Potential Benefits: high in antioxidants, great for immune system, may reduce low blood sugar and anxiety, anti-inflammatory and more!

Potential Side effects: Appear to be safe and well-tolerated for short-term use. However some have experienced itchy skin, rashes, stomach pains and nausea.

2. Boost your immune system with Tulsi

Holy Basil to boost immune system, more here
I personally use it in tea 🙂

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil – presents great health benefits. If you enjoy the smell of basil, then wait until you smell holy basil ! I find it adds a boost of flavour in my tea.

Potential Benefits: Tulsi can help reduce fevers, relieve respiratory disorders/asthma, prevent lung disorders and heart diseases. It can also help combat against infections.

Potential Side effects: Prolonged use and heavy doses can negatively affect the liver, thin blood, affect sleep and cause fatigue.

3. Stinging Nettle for immune system boost

I personally use it in tea 🙂

Nettle is a natural plant that grows in the wild. A colleague of mine once told me that she had stinging nettle growing in her backyard! How amazing is that !?

Potential Benefits: Nettle is packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins. It may help reduce inflammation, treat hay fever, lower blood pressure and more.

Potential Side effects: Are considered very low, however you might need to empty your bladder more frequently 🙂

more on Stinting Nettle for immune system boost here

4. Horsetail to boost your immune system

Horsetail great for hair and nails, more here

I personally use it in tea 🙂

I first heard of Horsetail as a great way to strengthen hair and nails because of its richness in calcium, amongst other nutrients. Horsetail has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which may help with inflammation.

Potential Benefits: Horsetail might help reduce inflammation, strengthen bones, better respiratory issues and promote hair growth – to name a few.

Potential Side effects: It is not recommended to use Horsetail on a long term basis. It may also interfere with certain medication.

5. Turmeric for immune system boost

I personally use it in homemade juices and vinagrettes 🙂

Turmeric is a flashy orange spice often used in Indian cuisine. I first started using turmeric in juices. Just like cutting raw beets can stain your hands red, turmeric does the same with orange. It’s considered a superfood that has major benefits for your body and brain.

Potential Benefits: It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, increases the body’s antioxidant capacity, improves brain function. It can also help with depression, alzheimer’s and arthritis.

Potential Side effects: depending on intake, it could lead to upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea and dizziness.

Turmeric great for immune system, more here


I’m not an expert in this field, however I am curious to discover natural and healthier ways to improve my health. I believe these suggestions may not be for everyone, so I do urge you to review with your physician or herbalist clerk.

I also highly recommend further exploring ‘The Lost Book of Remedies’ with Dr. Nicole Apelian. My curiosity for natural health products came around the same time as I started watching the TV show ‘Alone’. This is when Dr. Nicole Apelian opened my eyes further.

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