Best ways to boost your immune system

5 best ways to boost your immune system naturally

Here are 5 natural ingredients I use weekly to boost my immune system ! If you like this blog and would like to know more, a good place to start is with the Lost Book of Remedies. Dr. Nicole Apelian, a 2 time contestant on the TV show Alone, explains how she manages her MS with natural herbs and plants!

Lost Book of Remedies with Dr. Nicole Apelian

First of all, I want to state that I am not in any way, shape or form trying to suggest replacing prescription medicine with these natural ingredients. This site promotes balance in all activities, so keep moderation in mind if you decide to use any of these ingredients in your diet! These ingredients might be available at your local herbalist shop, where you can consult with someone regarding your objectives.

1. Boost your system with echinacea

Echinacea to boost immune
system, more here
I personally use it in tea 🙂

Echinacea is an active ingredient in cold medicines. You can use dried echinacea in your tea, especially when feeling healthy!
Why ? Because echinacea is also a potent lymphagogue, which increases the formation and flow of lymph. Blood has the heart which helps is promote flow, however there are no vital organs to promote the flow of lymph fluid.

Potential Benefits: high in antioxidants, great for immune system, may reduce low blood sugar and anxiety, anti-inflammatory and more!

Potential Side effects: Appear to be safe and well-tolerated for short-term use. However some have experienced itchy skin, rashes, stomach pains and nausea.

2. Boost your immune system with Tulsi

Holy Basil to boost immune system, more here
I personally use it in tea 🙂

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil – presents great health benefits. If you enjoy the smell of basil, then wait until you smell holy basil ! I find it adds a boost of flavour in my tea.

Potential Benefits: Tulsi can help reduce fevers, relieve respiratory disorders/asthma, prevent lung disorders and heart diseases. It can also help combat against infections.

Potential Side effects: Prolonged use and heavy doses can negatively affect the liver, thin blood, affect sleep and cause fatigue.

3. Stinging Nettle for immune system boost

I personally use it in tea 🙂

Nettle is a natural plant that grows in the wild. A colleague of mine once told me that she had stinging nettle growing in her backyard! How amazing is that !?

Potential Benefits: Nettle is packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins. It may help reduce inflammation, treat hay fever, lower blood pressure and more.

Potential Side effects: Are considered very low, however you might need to empty your bladder more frequently 🙂

more on Stinting Nettle for immune system boost here

4. Horsetail to boost your immune system

Horsetail great for hair and nails, more here

I personally use it in tea 🙂

I first heard of Horsetail as a great way to strengthen hair and nails because of its richness in calcium, amongst other nutrients. Horsetail has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which may help with inflammation.

Potential Benefits: Horsetail might help reduce inflammation, strengthen bones, better respiratory issues and promote hair growth – to name a few.

Potential Side effects: It is not recommended to use Horsetail on a long term basis. It may also interfere with certain medication.

5. Turmeric for immune system boost

I personally use it in homemade juices and vinagrettes 🙂

Turmeric is a flashy orange spice often used in Indian cuisine. I first started using turmeric in juices. Just like cutting raw beets can stain your hands red, turmeric does the same with orange. It’s considered a superfood that has major benefits for your body and brain.

Potential Benefits: It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, increases the body’s antioxidant capacity, improves brain function. It can also help with depression, alzheimer’s and arthritis.

Potential Side effects: depending on intake, it could lead to upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea and dizziness.

Turmeric great for immune system, more here


I’m not an expert in this field, however I am curious to discover natural and healthier ways to improve my health. I believe these suggestions may not be for everyone, so I do urge you to review with your physician or herbalist clerk.

I also highly recommend further exploring ‘The Lost Book of Remedies’ with Dr. Nicole Apelian. My curiosity for natural health products came around the same time as I started watching the TV show ‘Alone’. This is when Dr. Nicole Apelian opened my eyes further.

Cottonwood bud oil to relieve pain and inflammation
Yoga Burn Review

Yoga Burn Review, 5 reasons why you should sign up

Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Here are 5 reasons to sign up for Yoga Burn

  1. The Starter Kit
  2. Room to Grow (no matter your level)
  3. Accessible from Home (while gyms are closed)
  4. Very Affordable and Great Value
  5. Motivational (results based)

In this Yoga Burn Review blog, I’ll indicate 5 reasons why you should sign up. Especially if you are a woman, between the ages of 18-65, physically active or not. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’ve done Yoga in the past !

Did I pique your interest ? Well then, read on !

Yoga Burn Starter Kit

The first reason to consider Yoga Burn is their Free Starter Kit. This is perfect for those already knowledgeable about Yoga and for newcomers as well.

What’s included ?

A 1 month follow along-from-home Yoga DVD. It’s perfect for women who are interested in yoga or are relatively new to yoga. With it, you can start mastering the fundamentals and techniques right from the comfort of your own home.

You might want to hurry as it’s for a limited time only !

No matter your level, There’s room to Grow !

Yoga Burn is designed for women between the ages of 18-65. The large age bracket alone is proof that it’s for just about anyone. Whether you’re just getting started (absolute beginners to fitness) or have been previously working out with yoga.

This challenge can be equally as effective for women that have been into fitness and yoga their whole lives.

Space at home, the size of your Mat

All you need to get started, besides the obvious program, is enough space at home for your Yoga mat ! So, if you’re like me in a 3 1/2 (650 sq feet) condo, you’ll easily find space in your bedroom or living-room.

It’s also a great way to stay in shape during this Stay at Home quarantine!

Yoga Burn Review

Very affordable and Great Value

No matter the program you choose at Yoga Burn, it’ll surely be inferior to your current annual gym or yoga membership.

On the low-end, a gym membership can run $30/months = $360/year. Alternatively, I’ve heard of Yoga memberships going upwards of $1,000 per year!

There’s currently a limited discount offer on the Ultimate Package ($80+), plus free shipping.

Also consider, when you do sign up at a gym there’s no way they offer a free money back guarantee if you decide to change your mind. With Yoga Burn, you have the peace of mind with a 60 DAY Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee. That alone should get rid of any insecurities you might have.

Motivational and Great Satisfaction

Lastly, for this Yoga Burn Review. I think we all get a great sense of satisfaction and pride when we accomplish something great. Whether it’s graduating school, making a sale or seeing our kids move our of the house. If you think about it, first we’re not really alone when we accomplish these things, mainly because of our support system that surround us. At times, we were probably like training wheels to a bike, receiving light help and nudges in the right directly.

Visualize success for starters

How do you see yourself after your first 14 days or month challenge using Yoga Burn ? Imagine doing Yoga poses you’ve never thought possible! Imagine how, with your home Yoga routine, you can work out at home – lose weight – and feel better about yourself. All because you took the first step in the right direction !

Thanks for reading this review and stay tuned for more Review Blogs !

Until then, stay safe 🙂

Balanced Chakras means better life enjoyment!

Better LIFE Balance

See why Balanced Chakras mean better life enjoyment!

Click the Chakra Quiz button to find out + receive a personalized assessment with tools to bring your Chakras in Harmony.

Are your Chakras
Balanced, Over Active or Under Active?

Find out in 5 minutes!

Root or Muladhara

The 1st Chakra:  is located in our body at the base of the spine.

Physically affects : The Root Chakra affects Sight, genitals and bone marrow.  

What it does : It gives KARANA SHAKTI, the Power of Action, Work, Motivation, Transformation, Valour, Fortitude and Controls Anger. 

Main aspects : The main aspect is Innocence, by which we experience pure, childlike joy. Additionally, it gives us tremendous sense of direction and purpose in life. This sense sometimes get clouded with our busy lifestyles. 

Signs of Imbalance:  Root Chakra Imbalance potentially brings unwanted feelings of Lethargy, Possessiveness, Fearfulness and Insecurity. Meanwhile, on the physical level it can mean Constipation, Obesity, Brittle nails and Problem with bones.

Balanced Chakras mean better life enjoyment
Balanced Chakras mean better life enjoyment

Sacral or Svadhisthana

The 2nd Chakra : is located at the spleen in our body and controls sex organs.

Physically affects : The Sacral Chakra affects taste, the tongue and blood.  

What it does : It gives SHARANA SHAKTI, the Power of refuge, surrender, peace and delight.

Main aspects : This is the Chakra of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge. It connects us to the inner source of inspiration and enables us to experience the beauty around us. 

Signs of Imbalance: Sacral Chakra Imbalance means the centre gets drained of energy and as a result, diseases like diabetes or blood cancer can occur.  Additional unwanted disorders mean impotence, infertility, unconfident and feelings of being unworthy. On the Physical level, it brings hypersensitivity, Kidney and bladder problems.

Solar Plexus or Manipura

The 3rd Chakra : is the Solar Plexus near the heart and liver.

Physically affects : The Solar Plexus Chakra affects our liver which is the organ of our attention and power of concentration.

What it does : Manipura, also known as NABHI, is the one that gives us the sense of generosity, complete satisfaction and contentment. 

Main aspects : Clearing this Chakra can relieve stress and tensions. Additionally, it can also allow you to become your own Guru. In turn, helping you get rid of all habits or everything that enslaves you in a way or another. 

Signs of Imbalance: Solar Plexus Imbalance means little to no control over emotions therefore, brings short temper and feelings of judgment.  Similarly, on the physical level it can bring workaholic and digestive disorders.

Heart or Anahata

The 4th Chakra : is the Heart, central channel of the spine, also near the heart

Physically affects : The Heart Chakra affects touch (sense) and actions, it is also associated with the skin and hands.

What it does : The Heart Chakra helps to give and healthily receive love. It also aids in dealing with the loss of a loved one, betrayal and breakups.

Main aspects : This vital Chakra in the energy body stands for love, compassion, forgiveness, sympathy, self-acceptance, etc.  

Signs of imbalance: The heart Chakra imbalance brings feelings of anger, selfishness and, jealousy. In addition, on the physical level it can bring lungs problems and shoulder or arms disorders.

Throat or Vishuddha

The 5th Chakra : is located at the throat region, near the spine.

Physically affects : The Throat Chakra affects taste, lymph glands, ears and thyroid gland.  

What it does : It gives KAMA SHAKTI, the power of love, delight, contentment and fulfillment.  It also brings out our passion.

Main aspects : This is the Chakra of diplomacy. Also pure relationships with others and of playful detachment.  When it is opened by the Kundalini, it can vanish all our sorrow.  Furthermore, when this Chakra is awakened, it can remove unwanted tendencies.  For example, the tendencies to dominate others / feel dominated or the feelings of superiority / inferiority and all jealousies. 

Signs of imbalance: The Throat Chakra imbalance brings poor communication, potential stuttering, over-talkative and shyness. Most importantly, on the physical level it can mean sore throats, stiff neck and shoulders.

Third Eye or Ajna

The 6th Chakra : is also known as the Third Eye is located between eye brow centers. 

Physically affects : The Third Eye Chakra it is the pituitary gland.  It affects sound, ears and fat.  

What it does : It gives STARANA SHAKTI, the power of expanding, unfolding, blossoming and evolving.

Main aspects : Ajna is the Chakra of forgiveness and compassion. To let go of anger, hatred and resentment as well as the power to discover. The nobility and generosity of the spirit comes from this Chakra when it is invoked.  It is also the one that dissolves all our false ego, conditionings, habits and false ideas of racialism as well as our false identifications. 

Signs of Imbalance: The Third Eye chakra imbalance brings disorders in eyes and brain, hormonal problems and lymphatic diseases. Meanwhile, on the physical level, it can mean lack of memory and concentration, insomnia and headaches.
Additionally, watching impure things or activities and self-centredness can damage the progress towards final destination.

Crown or Sahasrara

The 7th Chakra : is also known as Crown is situated at the top of head of our bodies.  It controls our pineal gland and voice.  

Physically affects : The Crown Chakra affects smell, nose and flesh.

What it does : It gives VACHANA SHAKTI, desire, the power of articulation, calling, guiding and teaching. 

Main aspects : The 7th Chakra gives us the direct, absolute perception of reality of the super soul. This is the last milestone of the evolution of human awareness by integrating all the Chakras with their respective qualities. 

*At present, you are at a level which corresponds to this Chakra and your conscious is able to enter into this new realm of perception, which is beyond our limited mind and concepts. 

Signs of Imbalance: The Crown Chakra imbalance brings inordinate attachments, anxiety, egocentrism, lack of motivation. Moreover, on the physical level signs of headaches, depressions, overthinking, spiritual darkness, etc.

Are your Chakras

 Balanced, Under Active or Over Active ?

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Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.


Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.


Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

Enjoy the ride of your life